A Tale of Three Flips

Three (and maybe four) triples have been stomped. Which one is your favorite?

By Mike Rogge

The switch 1080 used to the be the lamest trick in skiing – at least on the forums of Newschoolers.com and in the opinion of those who care. Everyone was doing them and it almost single handedly killed the entertaining value of watching a big air competition. Now it seems we’re moving in the direction of triples while others are still perfecting their switch right 10 opposite mute grab. I can only hope that somewhere a kid is learning an underflip. Below are four videos of three athletes stomping triples and a poll asking you, the powder.com readers, which is your favorite. You also have the choice of dismissing this progression all together. As the Jaded wrote in the last volume of Powder, “No one ever died doing a worm turn.” And of course spinning both directions and grabbing a million different ways is still very cool too. I mean, come on. There’s a reason Wallisch won the Reader’s Poll, right? Happy Voting.

1. Bobby Brown in MSP

2. Sammy Carlson in Poor Boyz

3. Bobby Brown at Red Bull Training Facility

4. Russ Henshaw at JOI