Las Lenas Freeride Contest Presented by Citi, August 24-29


Buenos Aires, August 2009- From August 24 to the 28, be held The Citi Freeride Contest, an unique global event. Skiers and snowboarder riders from the entire world will be participating in the competition and there will evaluate by judges of international reputation.
In the Citi Freeride Contest 16 of the 40 riders will be competing at the finals in one of the best ski centers of South America con the best snow in the region. The circuit of the competition will be one of the off piste of the valley and it'll be chosen by the judges the day before started the First Freeride Contest.
The Citi Bank will be the mainsponsor of the event and give to the winners a cash in hand price.

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Event schedule:

Monday, 24/8/2009
Riders arrival
18hs Riders Meeting in Las Leñas Dome.
Tuesday, 25/8/2009
Aclimatation and riding.
Wednesday, 26/8/2009
Clasification and Contest day
Press conference (podium riders) and party.
Thursday, 27/8/2009
Back-Up/ Riding day
Friday, 28/8/2009
Back-Up/ Riding day and return.

Reserve days: From 4/8/2009 to 18/8/2009
Contest can also be move to the other days, depending the weather and snow conditions.


Which airport do I fly to ?
– Malargue, 80 km away from Las Leñas Valley. This airport works only Saturday for charter flights, that you will be able to book trought Valle de Las Leñas Tour operator. (+5411- 4819-6000 or
– If you arrival would be on any other day of the week, you will have to take a comercial flight to San Rafael airport. (260 km away from Las Leñas)
(+5411- 4819-6000 or

Where is the accreditation desk ?
The accreditation desk is in Las Leñas Dome.

Do I get a free ski-pass for the whole event period ?
Yes. It will be given to you at the accreditation desk (Dome)

Where do I sleep ? do I have to pay for it ?
All riders will sleep in the Cilix hostal.
Accomodation is offered by the organisation from the 24/8 to 28/8.
Any extra night has to be organised and paid directly by the rider. If you’re travelling with a friend/cameraman/…, you’ll have to pay for all extra costs.

Do I get food vouchers?
Breakfast and dinner are offered from the 24th to the 28th.
All other meals will be paid by the riders themselves.


Can I ride/train on the competition face ?
NO. The competition faces (Options A, B and C) CANNOT be ridden prior to the event.

Riders Meetings hours + locations
1st riders meeting: August 24, 18hs. / Location: Las Leñas Dome. Contest details and general briefing.
2nd riders meeting: August 25, 17hs. /Location: Las Leñas Dome. Security and competition details.

Do I need an insurance ? What type ?
Yes, health insurance and Travel Assistance if you are coming from another country.

Do I need to sign a disclaimer ?
Yes. At your arrival in Las Leñas, you’ll be asked to sign a disclaimer.

What is the compulsory material ?
Helmet, Avalanch Victim Detector (ARVA), shovel and probe.
All safety equipment will be thoroughly checked/tested prior to each competition.

What is the rescue team ?
The organizers count with Eduardo Regges, Doctor and Mountain Guide, specialist in rescue operations. He will define the rescue procedure and evaluate medical facilities in the area.

Full details about security procedures will be explained to the riders at the second riders meeting in Las Leñas.