Gelande Quaffing returns to Jackson Hole

How to train for the seventh annual Gelande Quaff Championships on Wednesday: Drink beer. A lot of it. While doing backflips. PHOTO: Max Santeusanio

How to train for the seventh annual World Championship Gelande Quaff on Wednesday: Drink beer. A lot of it. While doing backflips. PHOTO: Max Santeusanio

What: Seventh Annual World Championship Gelande Quaff
When: Wednesday
Time: 4:20 p.m.
Place: The Village Commons, Teton Village, Wyoming

Fact: Skiers drink beer. They like it on the chairlift. They take it on the summit and while swinging their feet from the tailgate. They chug it in hot tubs, bars, and in their pajamas.

Sometimes they catch it and quaff it, all for competition. They launch it down a counter and before their drinking buddy quaffs it, he (or she) throws spins and backflips, for points. Maybe they send fireworks into the air, or send the mug of Pabst Blue Ribbon off the angled ramp of a snowboard--and just when you think the mug is going to smack a spectator in the teeth, a hand reaches up with the deftness of a feline to snag the mug's handle before pouring its contents over his (or her) hairy gullet.

Which is how it will go down at this year's Seventh Annual World Championship Gelande Quaff, set for Wednesday afternoon in Teton Village, Wyoming. The popular event used to be held in front of the old Village Café. But when that building was torn down last summer, the fate of the quaff was in limbo. But something this deeply ingrained in ski culture simply couldn't die, and the Village Café, from its new spot in the Inn at Jackson Hole, made sure it would return for the seventh year in a row. Last year's champion, LoPro, has been practicing hard (i.e. drinking beer, acrobatically) to defend their title.

This year, the quaff will take place in the Village Commons, near the snow castles. If that sounds weird, it just means you haven't witnessed a professional quaff off.

First beer flies at 4:20 p.m., this coming Wednesday. With less than a week to go, there are still a few spots left in the tournament. So if you're good at drinking beer--and what skier isn't?--contact Trish at the Village Café at (307) 732-Café, or visit VillageCafeJH.com.