Miir 20L Daypack PHOTO: Brian Davis
Miir 20L Daypack PHOTO: Brian Davis

The Most Dialed Daypack

The 20L Daypack from Miir proves less is more

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Price: $119

Sizes: 20L

Materials: 630D nylon with DWR

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PHOTO: Brian Davis

I traveled a lot last winter, probably more than any other year. The more trips I logged, the faster I got at packing my ski bag, whipping through airport security, and quaffing a beer. I got into a routine and that made for smooth transitions from A to B and back again. However, I never felt dialed on the backpack front.

I flip-flopped between two or three options and never settled into one. Too big and I’d overpack. Too small and there’s no room for my computer. Too many pockets and I can’t find my phone. Too many straps and someone, probably me, is getting snagged.

Then I picked up Miir’s 20L Daypack which has close to zero bells and/or whistles. It’s sleek, simple, versatile—and does exactly what I need a backpack to do. Nothing more, nothing less. Made from 630D nylon with DWR finish (the material used for military grade parachutes and ropes), it's safe to say this pack is strong and durable. The more durable a product is, the less impact it has on the environment because it needs to be trashed and replaced less often—I’m into that.

The DWR finish means water beads right off, and taped zipper seams keep moisture out, which is important since 9/10 times I’ve got my laptop inside the interior computer sleeve. I’ve cruised through PNW downpours with this pack knowing everything inside is dry. Snow on the ground? It’s still safe to set this thing down and rummage through it. Any snow, mud, or crud just drys up and wipes right off. If you’re a happily-soggy, rain-drewling PNW skier, this is probably something you should own.

Free yourself from superfluous excess. Miir's 20L Daypack is all you need and nothing extra. PHOTO: Brian Davis

Free yourself from superfluous excess. Miir’s 20L Daypack is all you need and nothing extra. PHOTO: Brian Davis

With just two zippered pockets, one inside, and one up front, there’s nowhere to loose anything in this pack and it forces me to stay organized. Less is more in this case. The slim outer pocket is wide enough for a small water bottle, and the perfect spot to slip in my phone for easy access while my pack is still on.

While the 20L size may deter some, I’m repeatedly amazed how much I can shove into this pack, thanks to the nylon’s stretch and the roll-top feature. This pack doesn’t zipper shut, instead it expands to fit your needs—big or small—and stays closed with the easy click of the magnetized buckle. Even stuffed full with a puffy jacket that you’d swear wouldn’t fit, Miir designed this daypack to maintain it’s slim shape so it’s not bulging like a turtle shell on your back. There’s no sternum or hip belt on this pack, but it’s size doesn’t really require either. It sits comfortably on my shoulders.

The quick access side zipper is a thoughtful detail that allows me to access the guts of my pack without unrolling the top, pulling everything out, and a digging to the bottom. The simplicity of this pack is it’s greatest efficiency, and it’s versatile enough to be your daily driver until the end of time.

If you’re like me and you’re cautious about who makes the products you use and the impact those products have on the world, you’ll be happy to know that Miir is high-scoring B Corps company, meaning it’s certified by the nonprofit B Lab and meets standards for social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. (Patagonia is also a member of the B Corps.) Plus, 5 percent of revenue (not just profits, but revenue) from all Miir bags goes toward education projects, like the high school in Buchanan, Liberia, they recently supplied with desks, chairs and chalkboards, as well as the labor needed to level grounds for a soccer field.