Sammy Carlson Invitational This Saturday

Carlson talks about huge wallrides, his new skis and T Hall's return to competition.

Words: Mike Rogge

After taking a year off, the Sammy Carlson Invitational returns with a new home (Mt. Bachelor), live webcast, and stacked invite list. Before telling you more, seriously, just read this list of names expected to be skiing this Saturday.

Invited Athletes: Tanner Hall, Henrik Harlaut, Phil Casabon, Torin Yater Wallace, Bobby Brown, Dane Tudor, Parker White, Willie Borm, Sean Jordan, Clayton Villa, Alex Schlopy, John Spriggs, Ben Moxham, Chris Logan, Matt Walker, Nick Martini, Vincent Gagnier, Dale Talkington, Sean Pettit, Alexi Godbout, Tommy Ellingson, Kaya Turski, Banks Gilberti, Alex Bellemare, Charles Gagnier

This Saturday will be a style showdown. Sammy has been hard at work building the 90-foot jump and massive wallride. When I called Carlson, he was putting the finishing touches on the wallride’s paint job.

What’s the course going to look like?
We’re going to have a nice 90-foot jump into a huge wallride. The wallride is looking insane. It’s going to be super tall, like 25 feet off the deck. There’s a fifteen-foot tranny going into it so everyone should be throwing down.

Are you competing this year?

No, I won’t be competing. I’m going to help judge and make sure everything is running smoothly. My knee is not quite ready. I’ll be cruising around and hitting the jump a little bit but pretty much just helping with the judging.

Who are the other judges?

Evan Raps and Dylan Hood. And T’s going to be competing!

The rumor is that as of right now this will be Tanner’s first comp back.

Who are you looking forward to seeing hit this jump the most?
Everyone, man. Phil, Henrik, Dale Talkington, Spriggs, Tudor. Everyone is going to be killing it. The wallride is going to be super giant so people are going to be able to throw some really sick tricks on that. I’m excited to watch all the different riders hit it.

When do expect to be back on snow, skiing again?

I’ve been skiing the last two weeks. I’ve been back on snow and my knee is feeling really good but I’m trying to take a little more time before I start hucking big tricks.

It’s been a year since you switched from Salomon to APO. How do you like your new skis and the support from APO?

I’m really liking them. I just got my first pro model and it’s skiing really well. It’s a strong ski with a fast base and the way we designed it makes it really playful. I’m having a lot of fun with it and working with the company has been really involved. There’s some big announcements coming up. They’re the presenting sponsor of this event so it’s been cool to have the opportunity to work with them and make all of these ideas become a reality.

What are people going to see this Saturday on the livecast?
The best skiing they’ve seen all year. This wallride is going to be huge. It’s one of the biggest wallrides ever built. It’s going to be an all-around good time.

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