Interview by Amber “The Intern” Clontz

A Creepy Love Story

Hey Andy,

This is Amber at Powder Mag. I’m the intern and have been given free range
to conduct an interview of great importance with the skier of my choice. I
think your videos are sick and wanted to ask a few questions about them and
you. Such as, How did you meet Will? What do you do in between TC Crew
episodes? Where is the Idaho footage?

I’d like to have a few with you, let me know if you are up for it.

If you are anywhere near Orange County this summer, we could meet there too.

Bring your mohawk.

Powder Intern


Will and I went to the same high school in Victor NY. At that time I was way more into rollerblading than skiboarding, but once winter came around we started to make things in Will’s backyard. I always thought Will was a nice and quiet kid, but once I got to know him, it turns out he can be violent and angry. He once punched me in the side of the head outside Lake Placid, NY for basically no reason at all.

In between TC episodes, I ski Canyons and Park City in UT. I also do a lot of sitting around in my place in UT. This year I want to get out way more and hit up some parties.

Idaho? What the f*ck is that? Is that where my potatoes come from? So far the most time I have spent in that state was driving to Hood from Salt Lake.

I’m down to meet up sometime but don’t see myself going to the OC this summer. Maybe to chill with Rogge. You need to hassle him to let you come to Hood during Sammy’s thing. If you need anything else give me a ring ***-***-****


Hi Andy,

Just a few more questions to tie this interview up.

Who do you live with in Utah? Are we talking like downtown Park City or Jeremy Ranch living? Why haven’t you been hitting the parties lately? I would image the girl to guy ration is about 1 to 5.Those are bad odds but no reason to stay inside. What’s your favorite bar downtown?

You’re the oldest of the TC crew right? Does that ever place unwanted responsibility on you? Your videos don’t really convey anyone being in charge. Is there behind-the-scenes guidance or direction?
As for Idaho – stop off in Boise when you roll through, I’ll show you around the city of trees. Or if you are in Park City for the 4th of July, I will bring you a hug from Mike. You will certainly find a party then.



I live with an old roommate from college and some of his friends. It’s in Cottonwood Heights and crazy cheap. PC is way too much money, and I’m not a PC kinda guy. You should know what I mean by that, you sound like a PC girl. Parties are lame unless they have Magic cards and f*cking Dungeons and Dragons. You haven’t partied until you’ve rolled 3 consecutive critical hits on a level 15 Ogre Mage.

I’m not the oldest of the TC crew. I don’t know who the f*ck told you that but you need to get the facts right. Will is the current grey bush of the group, he and old man [Erik] Olson. Unwanted responsibility? That’s what happens after some dude knocks up a girl and she turns prego. Dickballs [Shane McFalls], Billy [Will Wesson], and myself share different responsibilities, and it’s a group effort to get things done. But if shit did go down, I think Bill and I would toss Shane under the bus.

Boise? I don’t stop in small ass towns. I’m afraid of hicks killing me. And BTW, I have been to way too many cities that are called “City of Trees” and I don’t think Boise can keep up with places like DC.


LINE Traveling Circus Episode 6 – Planes, Trains & Automobiles from Line Skis on Vimeo.