If you haven’t bought a new beacon in five years, chances are you should get a new one. “Why?” you ask. Yours still works just fine and beacons are expensive. Well just like the iPhone 4, even though your old one still works, the technology has improved so much, that your five-year-old beacon is out of date, and the batteries and electronics are probably old and not working as well as they should. Here’s the good news. We’re teaming up with Mammut to giveaway their brand new Barryvox beacon, airbag, shovel, and probe.

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Mammut Barryvox Beacon
The new Mammut Barryvox beacon (MSRP: $350) is a digital three-antenna device reduced to the essential functions. The Barryvox scores well on simple navigation and clear instructions. With a large receiving range and an effective search strip width of 70 meters, it offers users a simple interface and intuitive operation. From an easy-to-read display to buttons that can be operated even wearing gloves, shock-proof and break-proof housing, and a revolutionarily simple visual interface, the Barryvox shows that powerful performance and sophisticated search guidance do not need to be complicated.

Mammut Flip Removable Airbag 3.0
The Flip Removable Airbag 3.0 (MSRP: $509.95) is small in weight and huge when it comes to functionality. Less than two pounds, the lightweight flip provides everything a professional airbag needs: Mammut's super-light airbag system 3.0, a special front pocket for your avalanche safety equipment, and a separate radio pocket that holds your communication device. Especially practical: the main compartment is not only accessible from above, but also conveniently through a zipper on the back. You'll also find ski, snowboard, and splitboard mountings on the flip, a daisy chain for extra material, poles or ice axes, and compression straps for optimum comfort. The backpack is also compatible with drinking systems. The Flip is perfect for demanding ski and snowboarding trips.

Mammut Cartridge
The cartridge (MSRP: $189.95) is an essential component of the avalanche airbag system and must be ordered separately. It can be refilled by the user after any deployment using a compressor or diving cylinder. The filling pressure of the cartridge can be checked quickly and safely using a pressure gauge. The Cartridge Refill Kit and a compressed air source are required for refilling.

Mammut Alugator Light Shovel
The Mammut Alugator Light shovel (MSRP: $59.95) is our lightest avalanche shovel. It weighs less than a small cola and can fit into any small daypack. The sharpened, tiltproof blade is made from super-robust anodized aluminum, while the attachment holes mean it is easier to construct a snow anchor or rescue sled. The telescopic shaft has an oval profile. This makes the Alugator even more robust.

Mammut Probe 240 Short - $49.95
Stable, lightweight, the Mammut Probe 240 Short (MSRP: $49.95) is an avalanche probe made from high-quality aluminum with integrated telescopic locking for quick, glove-compatible operation. Length: 38 centimeters packed and 240 centimeters extended. It includes a practical case with an integrated emergency plan.