Ski Town Throwdown III

The morning air has regained a chill. Somewhere, on a mountaintop near you, snow will soon fall. It won't be long until the mountainsides have enough of the good stuff for you to slide down them on a couple of wooden planks. Where are you going to go? Where do you wish you could go? We used P5 (or P-Pentupled), which factors vertical, snowfall, lift ticket price, skier visits, night skiing acreage, vote totals from previous Ski Town Throwdowns, brown bag policies, and wicket ticket availability, to seed the top 28 places to ski by region. The remaining 8th seed for each region will be decided by a popular vote on Oct. 7/8. Where's the best place to ski in North America? It's time for Ski Town Throwdown III. It's time for you to decide.

  • Full 2014 Bracket
  • 2014 Resort Map