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Remember those things called NAS? Ya, me neither. Lib Tech has forever been known for their presence in the snowboard world, so it was only appropriate when they ventured into skis a few years ago and called them Narrow Ass Snowboards, or NAS. While that didn’t prove to appeal to the diehard ski fans, they have made a huge rebrand push.

First off, research what this company is up to in regards to being eco-friendly. They operate with zero hazardous waste, and the gorgeous top sheets that adorn the skis, as well as the sidewalls, are composed of organic materials. Basically, a dog or a baby could roam around their Seattle factory and not get poisoned. That seems like a good thing.

The Wreckreate have the super awesome Magne-Traction, which put Lib Tech on the map for snowboards. This means the edges have a slight wave, or curvature, to them, like a serrated knife, which helps them grip the snow. It really works. I felt glued to the ground in a great way. And it’s not overdone, so the skis can be tuned easily.

The Wreckreate charges through moguls, crud, and groomers, and handles like an every day driver at 110 millimeters underfoot. Its core is made up of wood, and doesn’t have metal in areas you don’t want it, like the tip and tail. The early rise tip allows for full contact of the ski all the time. I think this is also backed up by the Magne-Traction edges. The only con I would say is that it is a light ski, and feels rather traditional in the fact that it likes to snap off turns, not feather them. Bottom line: Lib Tech is doing awesome things for the environment and creating a really great product at the same time. The skis are colorful, charge hard, and the product’s price point is definitely on the mark. —Hannah Victory



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Lib Tech

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