Line Skis

Supernatural 86 & 92


Manufacturer's Description

Lively, responsive and impossible to overwhelm are the terms our ski engineer Jed Yeiser uses to describe his goals in designing the Supernatural Series. Introduced this year, a BRAND NEW Supernatural 86 and RE-DESIGNED Supernatural 92. Flex pro les and sidecut progression remain similar to the rest of the Supernatural Series, but the new skis get a tighter 5-CutTM Geometry to add a bit of quickness and ease turn initiation. "I've been on these all over the world, and they always leave a shit-eating grin on my face." – Jed

Brand Description

Skiing wasn’t fun in the early 90’s - what were the options? Straight, stiff & uninspiring skis. In 1995, LINE began with the mission to challenge the status quo – to reclaim that enjoyment that comes from strapping sticks to your feet & sending yourself down a slope at gravity’s disposal. Every page of this magazine - every innovation is a testament to what we at LINE have been doing for years! New shapes, lengths, flexes and construction created from the minds of skiers who wanted to achieve the simple goal – to make skiing MORE FUNNER!





Brand Name

Line Skis

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Skiers Choice


Style Of Ski

All Mountain


125-86-112 or 131-92-118


165, 172, 179, 186*cm


17.8 m & 19.6m


Mable Macroblock Core • Directional FlexTM 5-CutTM Geometry • Sidewall