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Where my girls at? I think of Coalition Snow as the Beyonce of the ski world. Singing and fighting for all the glory that is female. If you like Queen B as much as I do, put a pair of Coalition’s SOS’s on your feet.

This is a women’s ski made by a women’s ski company (though, to be fair, a lot of the guys at Powder Week raved about this ski, too). Coalition is the only company in the ski industry to completely focus on the feminine. And they aren’t achieving this by “shrinking and pinking‰” a dude’s ski. Their skis are designed from the start with the woman in mind.

The SOS is 109 underfoot (in a 180; waist width goes down in shorter sizes), which is a great size for just about any day on the mountain. The birch wood construction allows for a strong flex and holds up at high speeds. It also charges through the crud. A rocker tip and tail with traditional camber underfoot turns quickly. I could feather at the top of the turn if I didn’t want to commit. They don’t have a ton of pop, so you have to work in the transition to get the ski around.

As good as they ski, the artwork might be the best part about the Coalition SOS, and the rest of the company’s lineup. They are women’s skis that look girly, in a totally I-am-a-woman-hear-me-roar way. This ski will work for the lady who wants to shred groomers exclusively, and the lady who doesn’t go anywhere without her beacon, shovel, and probe. Put the ass back in sass and get your beautiful self a pair SOS’s. Because ladies, you don’t need saving but you do need a pair of kick ass skis. --Hannah Victory



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Coalition Snow

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