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Line’s Sick Day series has developed a bit of a cult following of skiers looking to blur the line between something they can get playful with but still drive without being battered around too much. The new Sick Day 114 makes me think Line is moving toward a stiffer and directional feel, as this ski is burly as all hell. This is a welcome update made possible by an aspen core that provides the best strength-to-weight ratio along with some carbon filaments for added dampness and rebound out of the turn. This construction, along with a just below 24-meter radius sidecut, gives this ski a lighter feel with added responsiveness.

In short, this ski does not sacrifice all mountain performance to cut weight in the pow. Instead, it is the glorious combination of both light and sturdy. That being said, there are skis that go lighter than that 2000-gram mark that perform similarly, so I wouldn’t go throwing a lightweight tech binding on this ski unless you have the boot to push it properly.

In addition, while there is no question that at speed the Sick Day 114 will elicit Cheshire cat grins, one needs to maintain that speed or the ski gets bogged down and can react slowly. The rocker amount in the tip and tail seems right for the width, and it translates pretty well to softer snow conditions in all but nipple-deep days with a shovel that reaches 140 millimeters of width. This was evident off the South Bowl reaching the Yeti Traverse on to Lenin as about three to six inches had blown in the night before. The cloud cover had socked in a bit but the ski pushed me to go harder when conditions got tougher.

If you are looking for a directional, powder oriented ski that you can push the speed limit on that wants you to push it even more after that, then the Sick Day 114 from Line is your ticket to a good time. —Wally Phillips



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