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From day one, the Line Sick Day series has been a dependable all-mountain ride for many skiers. A nice blend of rocker and taper made it easy to ski in just about every condition. But the old version also had its drawbacks, specifically in how the ski deflected in chop, variable chunder, and firm snow. For this reason, it became popular as a touring and soft-snow ski since it felt most at home off-piste. For 2017-18, Line redesigns the Sick Day, a welcome change for skiers who felt the old one just didn’t stand up to daily hill-banging.

Immediately, I could tell a significant difference in how well the new Sick Day held an edge at speed and delivered power throughout the turn. It even smoked through the chunder at the bottom of the highly variable Dictator Chutes at Big Sky. At that moment, I knew the Sick Day 104 should be a serious consideration for any skier looking for a reliable every-day resort ski.

The one complaint I had was that it felt just a tad overmatched by Big Sky’s heaviest terrain, which, in all fairness, is a tough bar to reach for the majority of the skis on the market.

The new Sick Day adds two millimeters underfoot, from 102 to 104, giving you a wider platform to crush chicken heads. But it also has a less aggressive taper and more subtle rocker profile, which has helped to eliminate deflection and the annoying hollow sound in the tip. This allows you to drive the ski without worrying about getting bucked off. The ski delivers such a robust feel that I assumed it had metal. I was surprised to learn that not only does it not have metal, the core shifts from maple, in the old model, to aspen and carbon in the new version. The construction provides a sweet whip at just 1889 grams per ski. So it’s still friendly on the skin track. --Matt Hansen



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