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I was a little hesitant to hop on the Fischer Ranger 108 TI. Fischer has always had an impeccable race pedigree, but we were on the variable terrain of Big Sky.

Honestly, the Fischer Ranger 108 TI made the whole transition easy. Like, really, really easy. Within a few runs I felt like I’d been skiing the Ranger 108 TI for a few seasons. There may not be any technical jargon for feeling ridiculously comfortable on a ski right out of the gate, but there’s certainly something to be said about it.

The Ranger 108 TI features Fischer’s Aero Shape technology, which shaves nearly 50 percent of material off the sides of the ski by rounding the ski down to the edge and eliminating excess sidewall. While this leaves the ski looking impossibly—and even breakably—thin, the arced ski surface transfers power in and out of short turns by getting the ski on edge quicker.

And the Ranger 108 TI doesn’t stop there. Fischer has milled pieces of its Titanal shell and polar and beach core, making the ski 25 percent lighter across the board. The Ranger 108 TI also slapped on a carbon fiber tip that tapers down the ski toward the binding, making for ridiculous swing weight in a ski this size.

But at the end of the day, the Ranger 108 TI is still 100 percent Fischer, a family company that earned its stripes with performance. By cutting weight along the sides, the Ranger 108 TI can employ Titanal in the binding area, improving stability and keeping your binding attached to the ski on your next tomahawk Tuesday.

A Titanal shell running the entire length of the ski helped me generate power with any type of turn, which meant no second-guessing when the trees started to get a little tighter and the pitch a little steeper. The Ranger 108 TI advertises a 19-meter turn radius, but the light swing weight makes any turn a hell of a lot of fun. To finish a ski test feeling this dialed with a foreign shred object is a rare feeling, but one that shouldn’t be overlooked. After all, a ski is not a baseball mitt, it shouldn’t take a season to get the performance you want. —Kade Krichko



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