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Since their inception, the RMU Apostles have catered to all-mountain rippers and backcountry skiers alike. From the beginning, the shape and straightforward wood construction favored soft snow due to the exaggerated tip taper, making them fantastic daily drivers across the West, or as a powder ski in the East.

This season, the old Apostle is out and the new Apostle 106 is in. RMU updated the shape with more snow contact for improved hard snow performance and a larger tip for better soft snow planing. It also now comes in three builds the traditional wood construction, a carbon construction, and a reinforced metal construction.

Like most metal-reinforced skis, the Apostle Metal has the characteristically smooth and quiet ride titanal-reinforced skis are known for. It absolutely eats up terrain variations and chunder and is not afraid of going fast. And unlike many “tapered” ski tips that deflect or have trouble making clean turns on hard terrain, the 106 Metal’s shape strikes a great balance between the two thanks to an updated progressive turn radius. Most surprising was the Apostle Metal’s nimble and lightweight feel, especially at lower speeds. Unlike many metal-clad skis that feel stuck to the snow, the ski channels its classic wood counterpart for a surprisingly poppy and energetic ride, given the power and dampness it exudes at high speed.

Skis built with metal laminates have a reputation. They are often viewed as niche products favored by ex-racers and high-speed chargers who are willing to compromise pop and playfulness for pedal to the metal stability and power. In the Apostle 106 Metal, RMU has created a balanced and enticing ski that avoids throwing the baby out with the bath water. The metal is there and present when the send dial goes to 11, but the tried and true Apostle lives under the surface, perfectly ready for cruisin’ and boozin’ days where a little forgiveness and fun is in the cards. —Alex Meilleur



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