The “Sponsored” Podcast: Andy Mahre on K2

Andy Mahre discusses changes at K2, including why he and Seth Morrison are no longer on the team

On this special episode of the “Sponsored” podcast, presented by Powder Radio, host Mike Powell interviews Andy Mahre--who, alongside Seth Morrison, was recently let go from longtime sponsor K2. Mahre recently had a baby with his new wife, Shannon, and speaks openly about the context of K2’s decision for both himself and the company. “The timing right now is not ideal,” says Mahre, “but it is what it is.”

Mahre also talks about skiing the national parks with POWDER’s Monumental project. He is candid about fatherhood. “It makes you feel like a real man… you’re a real man doing cool stuff in the mountains, but create this new life and watch it grow and learn, it’s pretty amazing,” he says.

K2 has a history of letting go of legendary skiers, including Glen Plake, not to mention Andy’s father and uncle, Steve and Phil Mahre, two of the best American ski racers of all time. Still, Andy Mahre handles the situation with grace and an understanding that, even if the brand felt like family, it’s still just business.

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PHOTO: Jay Goodrich