This week on the “Sponsored” podcast, freeskiing legend Skogen Sprang stops by to talk with host by Mike Powell about his career as a competition and film skier, his style and versatility.

Sprang on the October 2000 cover of POWDER. Photo: David Reddick

“Appreciate what you can do.” —Read more on freeskiing pioneer Skogen Sprang.

“I did look at it as you should be able to ski every aspect of freeskiing,” says Sprang. “You should be good at all these things. And I just enjoyed it, too. For me, always the big mountain and powder and backcountry stuff has been the pinnacle goal of being in the mountains, enjoying it, creating cool-looking shots, or images—really just being out there and enjoying the mountains and the soul aspect of that. But then I equally love being out in urban areas and getting creative with some setup and getting technical and playing around in the streets, sliding metal. That’s equally as fun just in a totally different way.”

Currently the U.S. Freeskiing slopestyle head coach, Sprang was named Coach of the Year by the USOC in 2015.

Listen to the podcast here:

Show Notes:

1:47: Moved to Park City for the U.S. Team
3:08: Growing up with two brothers and how he got into skiing?
5:26: Switching to snowboarding
7:49: Moving to Tahoe to become a pro snowboarder
10:40: How did he get on Line Skis and what were things like in the late 90s?
17:22: The style of his skiing and skiing everything
20:27: Competition mindset
22:19: The highlights of filming
24:22: The injury
26:53: Starting a valet business
28:43: Head Coach, U.S. Freestyle Team

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