The “Sponsored” Podcast: Sean Pettit

Mike Powell interviews Sean Pettit on the "Sponsored" podcast

Welcome to Powder Radio, POWDER's new podcasting channel.

On this episode of the “Sponsored” podcast, host Mike Powell interviews Sean Pettit—a professional skier since age 12. The two discuss the sacrifices his mother made to ensure he and brother Callum could ski, their path as professional skiers, and the finer details of having an agent and sponsors.

“Sponsored” is a weekly show that goes deep into the lives and stories of professional skiers. Each show will include an interview with a different skier, and discuss how they moved up the ranks from amateur to professional, and where they are now. Throughout these conversations, we’ll find out the obstacles these skiers had to overcome, the experiences that defined their careers, the injuries, and regrets.

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Photo of Sean Pettit shot by Blake Jorgenson.