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On this episode of the “Sponsored” podcast, host Mike Powell interviews perennial Freeride World Tour contender and former champion Drew Tabke. Tabke is one of the most outspoken athletes on the tour, and the two discuss how to grow the exposure of what is skiing’s most exciting competition and why Tabke returns year after year.

“I really do believe in what we’re doing,” says Tabke. “Sometimes it’s epic and sometimes it’s not, but it’s almost always worthwhile.”

Drew Tabke isn’t your typical world champion. He’s not your typical person, either. Read more on Tabke in “The Contrarian.”

Listen to the podcast here:

Show Notes:

1:00: How has your season been so far?
2:30: The early years in Hawaii
4:20: Moving back to Park City
5:30: Skiing in High School
10:00: College and competing
11:15: Life on the Freeride World Tour
18:00: What needs to change on the FWT?
21:15: How has his approach to safety changed in the past decade?
24:00: What has kept him on the FWT instead of filming?
26:30: FWT reality show is the future

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