Sierra Quitiquit. PHOTO: Nick Kalisz
Sierra Quitiquit. PHOTO: Nick Kalisz

The Mantras of Sierra Quitiquit

How the pro skier and fashion model moves between two worlds

PHOTO: Nick Kalisz

Sierra Quitiquit has made a name for herself in two very different worlds. As a skier, she has appeared in Warren Miller and Sweetgrass ski films and produced her own documentary, How Did I Get Here. Meanwhile, Quitiquit’s career as a fashion model has included campaigns with global companies including American Eagle, Nike, and more.

“I try to focus on the mantra of being limitless,” says the 28-year-old in the final episode of season one.

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Quitiquit certainly can’t be categorized into one box. Known for her role playing Ayla in Sweetgrass' Valhalla, and her segments in Warren Miller's No Turning Back and Ticket to Ride, she also uses her social media platform to bring light to issues such as climate change, legalizing marijuana, and women’s rights. Joining Nausicaa Cast right after she was in D.C. for the Climate March with Protect Our Winters, we talked at length about how she contributes to the causes she is most passionate about and how to balance the guilt of a skier’s lifestyle with productive ways to join the fight for improved environmental protection.

Determined to hold on to her happiness, Sierra Quitiquit faces the good, the bad, and the ugly.

While the Park City native’s life can seem carefree and desirable, she has gone through a series of tragedies; many of them are touched on in her film. But she has an unyielding sense of remaining positive throughout it all.

“I’ve had some time where I’ve really had to dig my heels in. Take deep breaths,” says Quitiquit. “But throughout all of those things, I knew I was going to be okay. And skiing was such a part of that. It’s always made me know that everything was going to be awesome.”

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