Photo: Rob Leipheimer

On this episode of the “Sponsored” podcast, legendary skier Mike Hattrup joins host Mike Powell. Hattrup was one of the most influential skiers of the late ’80s and ’90s, starring in Greg Stump films like Blizzard of Aahhh’s alongside Glen Plake and Scot Schmidt and became a major influencer for many years for K2 Skis.

Hattrup got his start in bump skiing, where he met Plake. In 1985, he got invited to film for Stump’s second movie, Time Waits for Snowman.

“Never shot film before… It was like a big college road trip,” says Hattrup. “We cruised around to a handful of areas, drank a lot of beer, and skied. I never thought it would go where it went, that’s for sure.”

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It ended up being a major fulcrum for his life.

“I never planned to be in ski movies,” he says. “That was never a career choice for me, because it wasn’t even an option. When I was a kid it wasn’t like I wanted to be a professional skier—there weren’t any. So that was never on my radar. I just wanted to do something I loved.”

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Show Notes:

1:30: What is Hatt up to and how has his season been
2:45: Getting a knee replacement
3:40: Growing up Hattrup, sports, and getting into skiing
8:00: Filming with Stump and making the US Ski Team
10:00: Blowing his knee for the first time
13:00: Blizzard of Aahhh’s
15:30: Plake's legal problems
18:00: How did the movie change his life
20:00: Working in house at K2
22:00: Developing skis and working with Shane McConkey
27:00: Questions from Stump

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