As much as she was a world class athlete, Kristi Leskinen—a regular on podiums during the early years of slope and halfpipe skiing—also had to be a trailblazer for female skiers. On this episode of the “Sponsored” podcast, hosted by Mike Powell, the Pennsylvania native and the first woman to throw a rodeo 720, talks about the early years of the sport and the lobbying she had to do to make her dream happen.

“It just felt like a struggle for many years,” says Leskinen on the latest “Sponsored” podcast. “We’re here, we want to compete, we need to be treated with some respect, and enthusiasm, and it took a long time. It took a lot of lobbying. Sarah and I schemed together. It was frustrating and challenging but exciting. We were building something.”

Listen to the podcast here:

Show Notes:

2:43 Life in Arizona
3:44: Growing up in Pennsylvania wakeboarding and skiing
6:00: The end of team sports
8:32: Killington Mountain School
9:12: Skiing, wakeboarding, and the U.S. Open
12:29: The early challenges for women in the beginning of the modern twin tip era
15:55: The photo shoots that had nothing to do with skiing
18:48: Was she able to make a lot of money skiing?
19:37: Head injuries led to retirement
21:42: ABC's Superstars and winning it
23:26: The controversy she started with the E-Sports world

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