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On this episode of the “Sponsored” podcast, Kim Reichhelm, one of the original badasses of freeskiing, joins host Mike Powell. Reichhelm is candid about her upbringing with a stern father and her current rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. The veteran ski racer, commentator, two-time World Extreme Ski Champion, and figurehead of the highly successful “Ski With Kim” camps, Reichhelm discusses how she was teased at school, but found herself through sports.

“All of my confidence came from sports because I was a horrible student,” she says. “I was dyslexic. I had difficulty reading. I really, really struggled in the classroom, and the playground was where all my confidence came from. I was respected.”

For Kim Reichhelm, finding the sweet spot as a professional athlete meant breaking trail her entire life.

Reichhelm was also one of the first skiers to turn herself into a successful brand, and she talks about how she had to choose between ski racing and having fun. For her, the choice was easy.

“I had to say I’m either going to win the tour, or I’m going to quit. I wanted to win, and then I realized that in order to win the tour I was going to have to drink less beer and focus on ski racing and not traveling around to Miami Beach between ski races, so I decided to stop racing.”

For Reichhelm, who always followed her heart, it couldn’t have worked out better.

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Show Notes:

1:30: What has Kim's season been like?
2:50: Ski With Kim
4:10: The Stratton days
7:00: Athletics and school
11:00: The U.S. Ski Team years
17:00: Burning bridges
24:00: CU Boulder
27:00: Life on the Pro Tour
33:55: Finding a new challenge in Squaw Valley
36:00: Alaska

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