On this episode of the “Sponsored” podcast, presented by Powder Radio, host Mike Powell interviews Kent Kreitler, one of the pioneers of the freeskiing movement in the 1990s. The two discuss his college roommate, Shane McConkey, the challenges of making it in skiing, and moving on from being a professional skier.

“When I was younger I was very unafraid and very passion driven and really I loved all the middle and early parts of my career because they were so explorative. One of the biggest thrills for me was being a pioneer,” says Kreitler. “Everything you did, going to Alaska, New Zealand, going to mountain ranges that people had never skied before. So I absolutely loved that. Doug [Coombs] had a weird accident where he slipped on some ice… I had been through a major injury, and I was like, ‘What are my goals at this point? What have I achieved? And where do I take it from here? And there wasn’t that much left for me at that time.”

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After a stint exploring Buddhism and Panama, Kreitler also discusses trying to get back in the ski world.

“I kind of got to this point where I’m kind of ready to reengage now,” he says. “However, what I found was that there’s really not an opening for me at this point and people aren’t that interested.”

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