One of the original rail skiers, Frank Raymond, of Montreal, was instrumental in paving the way for today’s contemporary urban scene. On this episode of the “Sponsored” podcast, host Mike Powell has an honest discussion with a very frank Frank Raymond about the untimely end of his career, and what he learned from skiing.

“I didn’t care about the money,” says Raymond. “I was there for the opportunity and the ride. That moment for me for skiing is defining who I am right now. I wouldn’t be the same guy I am today if I didn’t go through that skiing game. The experience I got out of it, the work ethic I got out of it, the challenges, the ups and downs of the career, changing sponsors, retirement, are all things I’ve learned so much from.”

Raymond has moved on from skiing. He went back to school and now runs a successful business with his father. One thing Raymond learned from his peers: He didn’t want to stay in the sport too long.

“I saw some other guys stay in the ski industry too long and ended up hating skiing, hating the industry, hating everyone, hating the kids, and I didn’t want to go there,” says Raymond. “I wanted to keep skiing in my heart, which it is.”

Listen to the full, candid podcast here.

Show Notes

2:30: The real world
4:00: Getting into skiing
6:00: Focusing on skiing
7:00: Quitting racing
9:00: Sponsors
11:00: Movie parts
12:20: JF
15:50: Felix Rioux gets Frank on K2
17:23: Are you making money in skiing?
18:40: Retirement
20:00: How he planned the season out
21:00: Top three moments of his pro career
22:44: Maude Raymond
24:27: School
27:00: The benefits of a real job

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PHOTO: Alex O’Brien