Just Do What Brings Joy To You

Ingrid Backstrom shares some life advice on "Nausicaa Cast"

On this episode of the “Nausicaa Cast” podcast, presented by Powder Radio, host Hadley Hammer interviews Ingrid Backstrom, the most decorated big mountain skier of all time. The two talk about how professional skiing has evolved, snow safety, and motherhood--Backstrom recently gave birth to a daughter. Backstrom also reflects on her career.

“I’m still pretty amazed that somehow I’m still skiing for a living,” says Backstrom. “It still feels like yesterday that I wouldn’t even tell people I was a professional skier because I was so nervous it would all go away.”

Backstrom, a freeskiing coach at Crystal Mountain, also shares advice for young skiers. “Just do what brings joy to you,” she says. Listen to Backstrom on the Nausicaa Cast below.

The “Nausicaa Cast” podcast explores the trajectory of the world's leading female skiers who have dedicated their lives to snow. Instead of comparisons, pejorative campaigns, and female-focused questions--Nausicaa aims to learn about each individual as humans. For more Powder Radio, check out “The Storytellers” podcast, and “Sponsored.”

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PHOTO: Adam Clark