On this episode of the “Sponsored” podcast, Julian Carr, a professional skier and the founder of Discrete headwear, joins host Mike Powell to discuss his career. Carr is known for his big airs, and he describes the mental state he finds before taking flight.

“It’s hyper awareness. I am like charged particles, and I’m sharing with my surroundings, like part of this rich, interconnected web,” he says about his airs. “There is no empty space. So the moment I leave a cliff I’m connected through the air, the trees, the ground, my skis, the wind, and when I land, it’s a seamless integration, because I actually never left any connection to that energy level that I’m vibrating with.”

You can listen to the full podcast here:

Show Notes:

:55: The 100 footer Julian posted on Insta and the thought process behind hitting big cliffs
3:10: Growing up in SLC and skateboarding
8:10: Getting into skiing in the 8th grade and team sports
10:30: University of Utah
13:15: His big picture vision
15:50: What he thinks about the folks who say he doesn't stomp his landings
22:15: The process behind launching Air Jordan as a single hit
26:45: Meeting Jamie Pierre
31:40: Do the records mean anything to him?
33:30: The founding of Discrete Headwear

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