On this episode of the “Sponsored” podcast, presented by Powder Radio, host Mike Powell interviews Hadley Hammer, one of the top big mountain skiers on the planet. A Jackson Hole local, Hammer stands out for her intelligence and ability to drop massive cliffs effortlessly. The two discuss her background, how she made it as a skier, and the difference in being a female professional skier.

“I think it’s way easier to be a female in action sports,” says Hammer. “When you really think about it, they’re aren’t that many girls out there. There are maybe 10 that can really crush. My bigger concern is, where are all the girls coming up?”

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Listen to the full podcast below.

Hadley Hammer Show Notes

1:00: Running Marathons
2:25: Growing up in Jackson Hole
7:30 New Hampshire
11:00: Working as an 8 year old
12:00 Washington DC
14:00: Back to the mountains
16:00: Taking Skiing more seriously and breaking her back, then what happens?
17:30: Competing
26:44: Transitioning to filming
29:50: Going to Windell's with Angel
32:04: Line and The Traveling Circus
33:06 Gender and Skiing
38:00: What's on tap for Hadley

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PHOTO: Mark Fisher