On this episode of the “Sponsored” podcast, Glen Plake comes on for the third and final part of his endlessly entertaining conversation with host Mike Powell.

Listen to part one of the “Sponsored” podcast with Glen Plake.

Listen to part two of the “Sponsored” podcast with Glen Plake.

The two talk about the dawn of snowboarding and how it was pitted against skiing as a marketing ploy, but in the beginning, it was all about just being in the mountains and being creative. Plake also discusses his grassroots marketing and how he used to make his own backcountry gear, so there was no pressure to promote or market anything.

One of the most recognizable, beloved, thoughtful, and candid people in skiing, you can listen to the full podcast with Glen Plake below.

Glen Plake Part three show notes:

1:00: The beginning of snowboarding and how Plake was involved
7:25: Skiing and how they use athletes
9:49: The old guard of skiing
11:26: Hotel and resort ski areas
12:40: How Plake's skiing has evolved
21:50: Down Home Tour
25:30: The promotional machine of Plake
29:23: The Guatemalan Persuader
38:15: Rory Silva

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PHOTO: Bruno Long