Chris Benchetler
Photo: Christian Pondella
Chris Benchetler Photo: Christian Pondella

The Evolution of Chris Benchetler

This this episode of the "Sponsored" podcast, Chris Benchetler tells his story

On this episode of the “Sponsored” podcast, presented by Powder Radio, host Mike Powell interviews Chris Benchetler, one of our sports most successful athletes, known for his strong ski style. The two discuss food, marriage, and tragedy. When Benchetler was 15, his dad died of cancer.

“He was from Hungary and he never taught us Hungarian because he escaped during the revolution. He would be in crazy pain, and scared and sick and start talking to me in Hungarian and there was just a lot to deal with that I didn’t quite know how,” says Benchetler. “He was scared of dying and [Mom] was scared that she wasn’t going to be able to take care of us financially. I had to grow up very quick. I dealt with a lot.”

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Powell also discusses the keys to Benchetlers long and productive career.

“It’s a lot of who you know and the opportunities you can create for yourself and success comes from—you don’t get what you don’t ask for,” says Benchetler. “If you put yourself out there a lot of times you’ll surprise yourself.”

Listen to the full podcast below.

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PHOTO: Christian Pondella