On this episode of the “Sponsored” podcast, Karl Fostvedt talks to host Mike Powell about pursuing his dream of being a professional skier at all costs. “I always wanted to be a pro skier. I’ve always wanted it and have been working for it.” Powell talks to Fostvedt about how he finagled his way into a variety of contests, including how he showed up to Cold Rush unannounced.

“Cold Rush had this crazy sketchy railroad feature, and nobody wanted to hit it. Pep (Fujas) rolled through and I had noticed that nobody was hitting that thing and rails have always just come naturally to me,” says Fostvedt. “I had asked him to let me into the competition and there was nothing he could do, so I was like, ‘Hey man, can I please just guinea pig that rail?’ I think he had a sigh of relief, like, he didn’t want to hit it. I think I had my powder skis on at the time and never hit a rail on them, but I was feeling a little pressure from a childhood hero and decided to send it and ended it up greasing it up and landing it perfect. Right after that, everybody started sessioning it.

You can listen to the full episode here.

Show Notes

2:00: Problems at the border
4:20: Growing up
10:30: After High School
15:00: Relationship with ON3P
19:00: Getting into Dew Tour
23:00: Detroit
28:00: Tamashii Project
32:00: Hollywood
40:00: What's next

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PHOTO: Christian Pondella