Powder Poll U

Since the inception of the Powder Awards, the number of professional ski films produced increases each year. This, of course, demonstrates the vitality and demand for ski cinematography. But it also makes the job of the Powder editors and the expert judging panel that much more difficult and demanding. Once we watch every film, Powder asks each film company to submit their nominees for each category except Movie of the Year:

• Best Male Performance
• Best Female Performance
• Full Throttle
• Breakthrough Performance
• Best Documentary
• Best Cinematography
• Best Line
• Best Powder
• Best Air
• Best Editing

Once we receive each film company's nomination, we combine their submissions to present to our expert panel.

How the winning films are chosen

Perhaps the most integral ingredient of the Powder Awards is the expert panel. Each year, we scan and survey the industry for about two dozen industry-wide experts, from photographers, to skiers, to filmers, to writers, to product and marketing managers, in order to judge and select nominees for each category. These experts vote for their top five nominations and a winner in each category.

Online and ballot tallying

And you, the reader, have a place too. As tradition dictates, readers are asked to vote for their favorite male and female athletes in the Reader Poll by voting online at PowderAwards.com. So make your voice heard, and see who wins on the night of December 13, 2018. Who are the best representatives of our sport? You decide.

Show Production

It seems as soon as one epic night of the Powder Awards and Reader Poll concludes, our team is hard at work planning another unforgettable night for next year. It's a scramble to organize all the festivities involved, yet somehow, the staff congeals and continues to elevate the fun each year. The wheel of plans and ideas spins around the Powder offices in late-spring, and we decide on a theme in early-autumn. Guest presenters,entertainers, and hosts get slated in the fall. Invitations are mailed out shortly thereafter for the best night in the ski industry hosted at The Riverwalk Center, in Breckenridge, Colorado.