Who are the best representatives of skiing? As a voice in the Powder Poll expert panel, we’re relying on you to help us narrow down the top 35 male and 20 female skiers that the public will have an opportunity to vote on for the Powder Awards Powder Poll. Please select your 10 favorite male and female skiers in the below boxes. When you start typing a name, it's an auto fill, meaning it'll have every relevant name in skiing listed alphabetically (if it doesn’t, email davies@powder.com).

Qualities to keep in mind while selecting these skiers: skiing ability, contest results, film segments, leadership, popularity, hair length, etc.

Once we receive your votes, we'll tabulate and allow the public to vote from a list of skiers based on the results of the expert panel. This will make it easier and more fun for Powder readers.

Thank you for contributing to the 17th annual Powder Awards!