14th Annual Powder Awards Best Manmade Air

Sean Pettit wins Best Manmade Air in 2014 Powder Awards


Sean Pettit, Tracing Skylines, Poor Boyz Productions
Taking home Best Natural Air in 2013, Best Male Performance in 2010 and 2012, and the Full Throttle Award in 2010, Pettit is a POWDER Awards regular. Known for throwing huge tricks just about everywhere, Pettit has an eye for lightly sculpting natural features to hit them in creative and unique ways. Integrating style and skill, Pettit went switch to nose buttering and stomping a 7, making this Manmade Air rise above the rest for the POWDER Panel.

Nominees for Best Manmade Air
Ahmet Dadali, Partly Cloudy, Level 1 Productions
Tom Wallisch, The Wallisch Project, Kyle Decker/The Bureau
Parker White, Partly Cloudy, Level 1 Productions

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