12 Days of PVAs: 2012

The Year of The Sherpas

The most coveted Powder Award each year is Movie of the Year. The films that have won in the past become instant classics, the go-tos for skiers everywhere. If it won this awards at the PVAs, it needs to be in your library. In 2012, the award went to the two-year film project All.I.Can. from Whistler-based Sherpas Cinema.

Known for their admitted unhealthy time-lapse obsession, co-directors Dave Mossop and Eric Crossland produced countless time-lapse sequences from fall to winter and winter to spring that not only capture the change of seasons, but also the transformation of our winter environments.

Skiers Kye Petersen and J.P. Auclair have standout segments. In turn, Petersen won Full Throttle and Best Natural Air for his hard-charging prowess down steep faces while Auclair won Best POV for one of the greatest segments in ski-film history, with his urban skiing, airing, and jibbing in the tiny, hilly town of Trail, British Columbia.

“As a filmmaker I’ve dreamed of winning this award for a long time,” said Mossop upon accepting the awards. “I can’t believe it’s happening.”

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