2010 Photo of the Year Nominee Gallery

COdy Townsend in the Tordrillo mountains Alaska with matchstick productions.
Brody Leven skis an obscure chute in the Wasatch Backcountry
Skier: Andrew McNab Location: Monashee Mountains, BC
Rider: Eric Hjorleifson
Location: Sentry Lodge, BC
Chad Sayers gives La Grave his worst
Hannah Whitney spraying night pow
Dan Treadway's icy frame
Davenport leaves no turn unslashed in Chile
Reggie Crist putting on his big boy pants
Skiing's sur-reality
Sky rockets at night
Today was a good day for Pep Fujas
Pep Fujas: Dropping
Wiley Miller floats the gap
Disappearing act
Taking in a sunset from mid-air
Steep drop
Hakuna Matata in Sweden
Taking it vertical
Eye spy
Waiting for a challenger
Dump 'em