Leading up to the 15th Annual Powder Awards on December 5th in Salt Lake City, we’re going back in time to ask standout Powder Awards winners and nominees about the skiers and ski movies that influenced them.

Will Wesson is no stranger to the Powder Awards, though a communication mishap left the 2009 Best Jib winner outside of the event last year (sorry, Will!). Wesson took home the Best Jib honors for his through-the-Burlington-playground ender in Meathead Films' Head For The Hills (the trailer is above). While the New York-native still puts in groundbreaking work in the streets in the annual Level 1 film, Wesson finds himself dreaming of deep snow more and more these days. In 2008, the Denver-based Level 1 put the Best Powder award on Director Josh Berman's mantle with a Japan segment featuring Tanner Rainville, Dan Marion, Richard Permin, and Sean Decker.

"I grew up watching Level 1 movies and skiing park in New York State. Because of my East Coast upbringing, I never really understood what the big deal about skiing powder was until I finally got to experience it many years later. During my last few years in New York and Vermont, I was only interested in watching park or street skiing and would usually skip over most powder parts of ski movies. I had pretty much wrote off ever skiing outside of North America and Japan might as well have been located on the moon. I remember watching this segment in realtime and deciding I needed to go to Japan someday no matter what. It took a few years, but I finally made the dream come true the past two seasons with Line Traveling Circus. This year, I’m hoping to go with Level 1 and create a segment that influences others to pursue the same dream." —Will Wesson

Here’s the 2008 Level 1 segment from Japan: