Influences: Ingrid Backstrom

The darling of the Reader Poll, Ingrid Backstrom recalls her favorite PVA moment

Long live the queen of the Powder Awards, Ingrid Backstrom.

Long live the queen of the Powder Awards, Ingrid Backstrom.

In 2005, the Powder Awards were introduced to a young and talented skier by the name of Ingrid Backstrom. She was awarded Best Female Performance and Breakthrough Performer for her appearance in MSP Films' Yearbook. Ten years later, Backstrom has added four more Best Female Performance awards to her mantle. Furthermore, she has been voted the number one female skier by the readers of The Skier's Magazine every single year since breaking onto the scene.

Through it all, Backstrom remains humble and happy, each year graciously accepting the top spot in the Reader Poll. Her fellow MSP Films battering mate, Eric Hjorleifson, is also no stranger to the Powder Awards podium. In 2008, Hoji took home Full Throttle. That year is one of Backstrom's favorite Powder Awards moments.

"One that stands out for me is Eric Hjorleifson getting the Full Throttle Award for Seven Sunny Days by MSP. It is particularly special because I skied with him all winter that year, and can personally say that he attacked B.C. that season like a possessed individual.

We had a lot of fun trips, including one to Chatter Creek, some skiing outside of Pemberton, and then one to Bralorne where I haven’t seen snow or conditions like that basically since, and only on one other trip before that. And Eric was at the top of his game, charging and ready for whatever the conditions would allow. He skied a super narrow rock fin outside of Bralorne—basically a spine but a super narrow fin of rock, not like a spine with snow on either side—so smooth and gorgeously, without even so much as a hair out of place. It was an incredibly fun winter, made that much better by getting to shred with one of my most inspirational, hilarious, and talented buds, Eric. That doesn’t always translate through the movies, and this time apparently it did because he was awarded Full Throttle." —Ingrid Backstrom

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