Filmmaker Eric Iberg's movies have been at the forefront of style since the beginning of twin tip skiing. From Royalty to the cult classic Stereotype, Iberg's eye for the unique, creative, and authentic is uncanny. With Like A Lion, Iberg pointed the camera at good friend Tanner Hall, creating an unapologetic look into the life of one of skiing's most celebrated and controversial figures. The effort saw Iberg awarded the Best Documentary honor at the 2011 Powder Awards in Aspen, Colorado.

One year prior, Iberg was in the house when the iconic Warren Miller was presented the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2010 PVAs.

"My most inspiring moment at the Powder Awards was in Aspen when Warren Miller came to the event. I think it was the year he worked on the Level 1 movie, Refresh. That was pretty fucking awesome for me. I had never met him before and did not meet him that night. I was in the front row with all the people I made ski movies with over the years and it was pretty fucking cool to see the guy that probably made all the first ski movies we all ever saw on stage, accepting that award." —Eric Iberg

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