It’s one thing to point the camera and press the button. It’s quite another to stitch it all together to tell a powerful story with beautiful imagery.

On Thursday, December 8, 2016, at the 17th Annual Powder Awards, Seeking Nirvana by The Lucky Strike, a crew based in Whistler, British Columbia, took home the win for Best Editing.

The film’s description says: “This band of seekers have found a treasure, a mother lode if you will… it’s time to stake their claim and strike it rich! This treasure…. it's not the conventional kind … gold, diamonds, or other such things … this treasure is much more rare. Found only in the alpine, an land of unrelenting rock and ice, caped with soft and endless snow.”

You can watch it here.

Powder Awards. Best Cinematography? Photo Liam Doran

PHOTO: Liam Doran