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Best Short — 15th Annual Powder Awards

Sweetgrass Productions' Afterglow wins Best Short at the 15th Annual Powder Awards

Afterglow, Sweetgrass Productions
After winning Movie of the Year for the first time last year with their seminal film Valhalla, Sweetgrass once again blew minds with their nighttime short film, Afterglow. With help from technology giant Philips, Sweetgrass used the hefty budget to shoot two separate night segments—one at Golden Alpine Holidays, British Columbia, full of pillows and trees and another outside Girdwood, Alaska, full of spine walls. Skiers Pep Fujas, Eric Hjorleifson, Chris Benchetler, and Daron Rahlves wore LED lightsuits, skiing among a lit-up pillow and spine faces, using stadium lights while showcasing Philips' new Ambient light technology. At 12 minutes, Afterglow is one of the most stunning displays of ski cinematography ever filmed. A must-watch for all non-skiers and skiers, alike.