Best Natural Air
Kye Petersen
Sherpas Cinema

In this day and age of sculpted and stept-out backcountry booters, throwing tricks off natural terrain and making it look good is not as commonplace as one would think. In All.I.Can., Kye Petersen skis a difficult line and proceeds to throw a rodeo 720—a trick attempted by Seth Morrison numerous times throughout the last decade—and stomps the air with effortless style on a steep face. The line itself, a steep, runneled face in the Tantalus Range of coastal British Columbia, was hard enough. The fact that the precocious Petersen throws a rodeo in the middle of it, lands it and skis down demands an award. The former Breakthrough Performer has hit his stride, and is now challenging his childhood friend Sean Pettit as the best skier on the ski planet.