Editor’s Note: The Shooting Gallery is the longest running department in POWDER Magazine. POWDER has published a selection of the best ski photography in the world in every issue, starting with Volume 19, in 1990. Every year, photographers submit thousands of images to POWDER. Director of Photography David Reddick handpicks the very best to run in the magazine. The following eight photographs ran in the September and October 2017 issues of POWDER (46.1 and 46.2). Subscribe to The Skier’s Magazine to enjoy these photographs in print—because frankly, they look better on paper and they deserve your undivided attention. Thank you to all the photographers and skiers who put in the countless hours to make these photos happen.

Skiers: Johan Jonsson and Marcus Caston | Location: Grovfjord, Norway | Photo: Mattias Fredriksson

Skier: Dash Long | Location: Retallack, British Columbia | Photo: Blake Jorgenson

Skier: Noah Howell | Location: Wasatch Mountains, Utah | Photo: Adam Clark

Skier: Johan Jonsson | Location: Engelberg, Switzerland | Photo: Oskar Enander

Skier: Par Hagglund | Location: Whistler, British Columbia | Photo: Alric Ljunghager

Skier: Sam Cohen | Location: Sun Valley backcountry, Idaho | Photo: Jay Dash

Skier: Sage Cattabriga-Alosa | Location: Mount Bachelor, Oregon | Photo: Erik Hostetler

Skier: Dave Treadway | Location: Whistler backcountry, British Columbia | Photo: Blake Jorgenson