Chris Cody Brodie (Chris Rubens, Cody Townsend, Brody Leven - skiers will not be specifically ID'd from this shoot) Svalbard Solar eclipse, march 20 2015
Photographer: Cam McLeod Skier: Paul Forward Location: Myoko, Japan
Haines Alaska

The Five Ski Photos of the Year

The nominees for Photo of the Year, including the winning shot taken by Reuben Krabbe

Of all the millions of frames shot last winter, these five images were the nominees for Photo of the Year at the 16th Annual Powder Awards. Each photo has it’s own unique story, but the most remarkable one is that behind Reuben Krabbe’s winning Photo of the Year, shot in Svalbard, Norway, of a skier’s silhouette against a once in a lifetime celestial event. Read the full story behind the Photo of the Year winner, which is also the cover of our 2016 Photo Annual, in the multimedia feature, “Sliver,” written by Sierra Davis.
A huge congratulations to all of the photographers and skiers in this gallery:

Nico Vugnier; Saas Fee, Switzerland. PHOTO: Ahriel Povich

Unidentified skier; Svalbard, Norway. PHOTO: Reuben Krabbe

Jeremie Heitz; Zermatt, Switzerland. PHOTO: Tero Repo

Paul Forward; Myoko, Japan. PHOTO: Cam McLeod

Sam Cohen; Haines, Alaska. PHOTO: Will Wissman