Storm Dispatch—Boston

Boston's winter apocalypse is an urban skier's paradise. A photo gallery by Erik Seo.

Three weeks, four blizzards, more than seven feet of precipitation. Those are numbers you’d expect to see in any snow report in a Western ski town. But not Boston.

By now, you’ve heard that the East Coast is the place to be for skiers. And yes, the skiing in Vermont is as good as it sounds. But what you might not have heard is how the storms that rolled through earlier this month also set up conditions for skiing in the cities. One more storm, and this winter could set a new record for snowfall in Boston. And while the Boston Globe is reporting on the chaos that has ensued—roofs collapsing, sketchy and dangerous roads, complicated emergency rescues—not everyone is freaking out. There are a select few who are seizing the moment and taking to the streets with a pair of skis. Photographer Erik Seo, who is based out of Park City, Utah, spent a few nights this month scoping the streets of Boston with skiers Tom Wallisch, Tim McChesney, John Ware, Tom Arnell, and Dale Talkington. Let’s just say that there’s a lot you can do with 12-foot snowbanks. Here’s a look at the skiing right now in Boston through Seo’s lens.