Introducing Dawn In Siberia, POWDER's first book.

Introducing Dawn In Siberia, POWDER’s first book.

Dawn In Siberia, $24.95

It was dawn when Kari Medig and I stepped off our airplane in Vladivostok, Russia, and the landscape was snowy and still. We had just met for the first time in the international terminal at JFK. He was tall and had sharp blue eyes and a thick beard. I knew Kari’s photography before I knew Kari. He is a veteran of photographing skiing’s weird, foreign places. Before our trip, he was in Japan, and prior to that, Turkey. POWDER’s Director of Photography, Dave Reddick, knew he would be the perfect fit to capture our month-long Siberian adventure.

Dave was right. When we came home and looked at the photos, the POWDER staff recognized that we had a very special story to share. It became a print feature—one of our longest—a digital feature, and a short film. Yet, we still wanted to create something to showcase even more of Kari’s images—something that would stand the test of time and remain on our shelves forever. So we made POWDER’s first book. We hope you enjoy it. —John Clary Davies, POWDER Executive Editor