Captain POWDER and company
Cody Townsend, superhero of stoke
The poster signing lineup
Saucer Boy and friends on the shot ski
And down the hatch
Michelle Parker, her new Red Bull hat, and fans
Fans in the lobby
Cody Townsend and Mark Abma, working on their handwriting
The crowd, reaching for swag
The MSP family
Hoji Focus
Michelle Parker and Ingrid Backstrom
Swag toss
And more swag toss
Cody Townsend and Eric Hjorleifson
Michelle Parker and James Heim with raffle prizes
Heimer giving a pleased looking lady some gear
Frankie Alsung, consummate hype man
Stoked on his POWDER backpack
Marion Oliver McCaw Hall

“Superheroes of Stoke” Premiere

Matchstick Productions' 20th film premiered this weekend in Seattle

Seattle might be the country’s best ski city. If you needed proof of that you could have looked around McCaw Hall Saturday night. Thousands of skiers, from little kids to Captain POWDER, turned out for the premiere of Matchstick production’s 20th film, “Superheroes of Stoke.”