Hornbeck is all about the Benjamins
The Loring Theater, Minneapolis
Worth the wait
Bootleg VIP tags
Hornbeck and Twall mix it up with the locals
Stacks on stacks
Mary O'Neil and her new friends
Give it here
O'Neil continuing to impress
Pushup brigade
Desperate measures for DVDs

Gallery: Midwest Ski Film Festival

Zooming in on a ski film festival in the middle of the continent

Photos by Erik Seo

After two years in Milwaukee, the Midwest Ski Film Festival shifted to Minneapolis and the Loring Theater for the 3rd annual edition last month. The likes of Mike Hornbeck and Tom Wallisch were on hand, and so was photographer Erik Seo and Level 1 Productions’ Kyle Decker.

“Passion for skiing runs strong in the Midwest crowd,” says Decker. “And aside from grassroots-style premieres happening in the middle of the country, there isn’t anything quite like the MWSFF. Kids drove from surrounding states to see their favorite movies even though they’ve already been released on DVD and iTunes. Events like this are just another excuse to get all your ski friends together to get excited for the upcoming season.” -- Powder staff