Sony’s Eye of the Condor has returned to Ski La Parva for a week of unprecedented skiing, filming, and embracing the Chilean culture deep within the Andes. Four ski teams have made their southern pilgrimage and have taken over the Chilean resort located just outside of Santiago. Each team is creating a film and photo portfolio that will be judged by industry elite at the inaugural IF3 festival in downtown Santiago at the end of the week.

Although it’s currently the middle of winter in the Southern Hemisphere, spring conditions abound, challenging teams to get particularly creative with the minimal snow coverage.

Marginal conditions haven’t stopped teams from taking full advantage of La Parva’s location and culture. From mid-mountain champagne bars, to fondue dinners and dance parties, each team is busy getting after it on and off the mountain.

We caught up with Team Discrete, and judges Chris Davenport and Ingrid Backstrom, to hear their expectations of Eye of the Condor 2 in La Parva, Chile.

I’m here in Chile for a month. It's my twelfth time here and I absolutely love being here regardless of if I’m guiding, filming, or judging as I am this week. I’m looking forward to seeing these teams generate really original content. We’ve all seen so much in the ski film genre, the photography genre, print media, and I always get inspired by seeing things that I’ve never seen before. This year the conditions are tougher, we don’t have powder snow, but we do have beautiful sunny days and it’s a gorgeous environment, so I’m just really looking forward to seeing something that makes me go, “Wow, I’ve never see that before.” – Chris Davenport

My expectation while I'm here is just to ski with a bunch of awesome people, hang out in La Parva, and see awesome sunsets. I expect to see some amazing stuff from these teams. There are such good skiers here and such amazing talent. I can’t wait to see what they come up with. – Ingrid Backstrom

Team Discrete

My expectation for Eye of the Condor is to make a fine video that we can be proud of. I’m looking forward to having a damn good time along the way. – Julian Carr

We have a pretty high bar set from last year, so I expect to do better. Hopefully we can crush the party scene as well, and maybe win a few more ‘Man of the Day Awards.’ I’m really looking forward to seeing what the rest of the teams are coming up with, and I absolutely love La Parva. I’m not sure if La Parva loves me, but I love La Parva. We have a really rad team, I think we’re awesome. – Rachael Burks

I’m looking forward to exploring new areas in La Parva that we didn’t get to last year. We’ll be snow camping, so that’s a big adventure that we’ve planned to see some new places. I’m also looking forward to the premiere in Santiago. – John Roderick, Cinematographer

My plans for this week overall is to have fun. The conditions are super marginal, so to me, I just want my team to be safe, have fun, and enjoy this contest. – Parker Cook

I was most looking forward to going surfing, which I already did, but I really want to use some flash this year as I didn’t last year. The snow is bad this year so it’s a cool challenge to figure out how to make compelling photos with the given conditions. – Chris Bezamat Photographer

Check out Team Discrete’s ‘Chilean Choice’ from the inaugural Eye of the Condor:
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2011 Eye of the Condor Video from Discrete from Eye of the Condor on Vimeo.