By Dylan Natale

Australia isn't exactly the first country you think of when summer skiing comes to mind, but that didn't stop Liberty Skis from sending Joe Shuster, Kyler Cooley and I Down Under to see what the country has to offer. The three of us flew into Sydney last Monday, and we met up with Liberty rep Simon Blondel in the town of Narabeen. Before we could unpack, or catch up on some serious jetlag, he had us loaded into his SUV and off to Cocoa Beach for a quick surf. We spent the next couple days exploring the New South Wales coast, with some fun surfing, cliff jumping, bike riding, BBQ-ing, and plenty of ping pong.

From there, we picked up a second car, loaded both of them with ski and surf gear and took the coastal road south to Pembula Beach for a few more days of surf, water, kangaroo chasing, fishing and a few Australian pies.

We left for the mountains Saturday and had a quick ski the afternoon, at Perisher, and will get some pictures up to showcase the resort shortly. Until then, hopefully these pictures of our coastal adventures will tide you over.